Why Conserve Energy?

Conserving energy is beneficial to your pocketbook and also humanity as a whole. Saving energy helps to conserve the earth’s natural resources, which is never a bad thing!

1.Refrigerator Temperature:

Your refrigerator consumes almost 15% of the energy used in your home! Check your manufacturer’s guidelines on the optimal temperature to keep food safe while also reducing the energy used.

2. Clean or Replace Air Filters

Filters should be changed every 3 months, to keep allergens at bay and your furnace working at its peak. These little buggers have the potential to cause fires, so don’t forget about them!

3. Fix Leaks

While this may seem obvious, there could be leaks you aren’t even aware of. Have a professional come and inspect your plumbing system, if you suspect there are any leaks around your home, including sprinkler systems, which can go unnoticed and raise your bill exponentially. 

4. Check Your Windows and Trim

It’s important to check the trims all around the house (inside and out) for potential leaks in insulation, which could be constantly letting cold/hot air in.

5. Use Blinds and/or Curtains

Using blinds/blackout curtains can reduce your heating/cooling depletion by up to 45%!

6. Turn Off and Unplug Any Unused Appliances

This can be tough to remember for some, particularly with appliances you use every day (Such as coffee pots, toaster ovens, blenders, etc.).

7. Invest in Energy Efficient Appliances

Having appliances that work for you, not against you, makes a bigger difference than you may realize!

8. Shower Length

Decreasing the length of showers can save you money on your water bill and is also environmentally friendly!

9. Lighting Accounts for Around 10% of Your Energy Bill.

Reduce costs by switching to compact fluorescent or LED lights, as they can last a very long time, making them much more cost-effective than their competitors.

10. Install Solar Panels

There are actually government resources that help people get solar panels on their homes and it’s super easy to apply!

More Things to Remember:

The smaller the difference between temperature outside and inside, the lower the cost will be.

Have your ducts inspected annually

Install a programmable thermostat

Switch to energy efficient power strips wherever possible

Turn off lights when you leave a room

Use the correct-sized burner

While these precautions aren’t guaranteed to lower your bill, they’re a sure-fire way to help on the road to eco-conscious living! If you have any questions or comments, please send me a message at [email protected].