Hello to July, the month of our country's independence! I've got some interesting reads lined up for you below and am always here to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Of course, having good insurance coverage is all about being prepared for the unexpected, we are here to help!

Independence Day is not the only thing that sets this month apart. July is also national watermelon month! Try a recipe from the fun article below and let us know which one you enjoy most!

There is never a wrong time to consider Flood Insurance. Check out the article below and please reach out with any questions, or to get a quote!

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National Watermelon Month:
Since July is National Watermelon Month(!) I decided to round up this fun list of treats to help celebrate.
All featuring - you guessed it - watermelon!

Summer Fun:

Check out this list of fun things to do this Summer. Let us know which ones you like best!

Summer Maintenance:

Last month we shared a list of ways to prepare for Sumer. Check out this list of ways to maintain your home throughout the Summer season.

Flood Insurance:
Don't forget how important it is to make sure you are covered and prepared, no matter the event. Take a look at this article to learn about why flood insurance is important, and don't forget to reach out for a quote!