Have you been enjoying the sunshine as much as I have these last few days? Thank goodness spring is right around the corner! Between the frequent snow storms, strong winds, and bad illness season, we are all due for a pick-me-up.

Of course, having good insurance coverage is all about being prepared for the unexpected, so here are a few reminders for you this month:

March is historically the snowiest month of the year in Colorado – so while you may be dreaming of spring flowers, be prepared for heavy, wet spring snow storms. When they come through, keep an eye out for damaging ice build-up on your roof and gutters.

If you are traveling for Spring Break, take precautions to reduce exposure to flu and coronavirus. Check out the helpful article below for tips.

When thinking about preparation, consider Flood Insurance. It takes 30 days for a new flood policy to go in to effect, so if you want coverage for possible flooding this spring, now is the time to do it.

Despite the great debate on the merits of Daylight Savings, it will go in to effect this weekend. Don't forget to set your clocks forward!

Travel Smart:
Are you heading out for spring break? Follow these tips to be prepared, stay safe, and build lasting memories.

Cold Weather Tip:

Be on the look out for ICE DAMS.  in your gutters (which can cause lots of damage) during snow storms & cold weather snaps. Click on the image to learn how to identify and remove them.

The Secret to a happy home:

There is nothing more refreshing than letting go of clutter in your life. Can you do it in 30 days? Let us know how it goes!

St. Patrick's Day is March 17th
Enjoy this delicious traditional recipe to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with your friends and family!  Remember to set plans for a safe ride home before you head out to enjoy the St. Patrick's Day festivities, whether by designating a sober driver or calling a Lyft or cab. Keep a look out for free ride options in the front range as well.