All it really takes is one good storm to take down a tree. Even worse, it could be a tree on your property! Standard homeowners policies cover tree damage due to inclement weather, except in cases of poor maintenance or negligence of the tree(s) in question.

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Tree Damage?

This depends on a number of factors, such as the owner of the tree, the age of the tree, the condition of the tree, etc.

Why Wouldn’t it be Covered?

If a tree was likely to fall due to brittle wood, or poor maintenance, it likely won’t be covered under your policy.

What if it Doesn’t Damage Home?

There’s a chance you will need debris removal if a tree falls, even it nothing is damaged in the process.

Does Insurance Cover Tree Removal?

If nothing is damaged, your insurance likely won’t cover professional removal.

Am I Responsible if Tree Falls on Neighbors Property?

If the tree was healthy and fell over due to natural causes (such as inclement weather), you shouldn’t need to file a claim with your insurance agent.

Am I Responsible if my Neighbor's Tree Falls on My Property?

The same is true here; if your neighbor's tree was healthy and fell due to natural causes, you will file a claim with your insurance agent and get it taken care of on your end.

What if a Tree Falls on my Car?

If your car is damaged by a tree, you’ll likely need to file a claim through your auto insurance.

What Are Property Owners Responsible for?

Property owners will likely be responsible for damage caused by a poorly maintained tree.

Will a Professional Tree Removal Service be Required?

Depending on the severity of the damage, a removal service might be the best way to clean up the debris from a felled tree.

Ultimately, if a tree falls on or from your property, calling your insurance agent to go over next steps is always a good idea. Whether the responsibility falls to you will depend on a number of factors, so reach out if you have any questions!