12 Steps to Streak-Free Windows

1. Grab a High Duster/Swiffer Mop for Tall or Hard-to-Reach Windows

Any high reach duster will work well for this.

2. Newspaper Really Does Work

A great way to upcycle those newspapers!

3. Choose the Right Weather

Cloudy weather is best for streak-free windows.

4. Cleaner Matters

One part white vinegar to two parts water is the perfect “solution”!

5. Remove Dust and Dirt First

Try the recipe below for caked-on grime.

6. Use the Correct Cloth

A clean microfiber cloth works best – if you’re out of newspaper.

7. Squeegee the Outside of the Window Only

Make sure to dry it with a clean cloth with each pass.

8. Alternate Wiping Direction

A “Z” motion also works wonders.

9. Two Scrubbers are Better Than One

When one gets too dirty, you’ll want a back-up!

10. Lint Roll Screens

Don’t forget to do both sides of the screen.

11. Rain-X to Keep Outside Panes Clean

Seriously try this, it repels water!

12. Hard Water Stains

While tricky, stains aren’t impossible to remove, saturate with the below formula for 5 minutes before wiping.

Don’t forget to clean the screens and ledges (inside and out!). With this formula, you won’t believe how easy it is!

What you will need:


Dawn dish soap

Lemon juice

Spray bottle

How to make it:

Fill half a spray bottle with vinegar.

Fill the remaining half of the bottle with one part dish soap and one part lemon juice. It takes a bit of scrubbing if the stains have been building up for a while. But the results are totally worth it! 

Let me know if there is anything you do that isn't on the list, at [email protected].