We've been seeing a rise in cases all over the state. Today we move to Safer at Home Level Orange which is the most restrictive order before Stay at Home goes into effect. The five-day rolling average among Boulder County residents is 98 cases per day. This is higher than at any other time in the pandemic, outside the CU outbreak in early September! If we continue on this trajectory, statewide hospitalizations will likely exceed the peak shown early in the pandemic. If transmissions continue through the holidays, ICU capacity could also rival the peak seen earlier in the year. Current data in Boulder County shows that 65 people are hospitalized with COVID-19 at the moment, which is just 3 lower than the April peak.

Personal gatherings will continue to see limitations, including no more than 10 people from 2 different households, though recommendations are that residents avoid any social gatherings when at all possible. Face covering orders will remain in place, including wearing a mask whenever 6 foot social distancing isn't achievable.

The new restrictions will have a devastating affect on local small businesses, as well. Operating at such a low capacity will be a blow that not every business will be able to recover from, according to local business owners. While there will likely be some organizations that will provide services and help, ultimately the responsibility of keeping our local business owners afloat will fall on residents, to abide by the measures put in place.

While this is very unfortunate, we can (and will!) recover from this! In the meantime, here are some ideas for ways to keep the holiday fun while adhering to local orders:

  • Indoor Scavenger Hunt - From searching for hidden things using clues, to taking the best photographs of a list of people or items in order to win, and everything in between, there are so many fun ways to customize the experience!
  • Cooking and Baking - This is an activity that helps pass time and is also productive, making it a win-win!
  • Bingo - What's great about Bingo is the fact that you can fill the squares with limitless possibilities, so anyone could enjoy it! Make sure to have a few small prizes for the winner(s)!
  • Hide and Seek - You may have to include the outdoors on this one, depending on the size of your home!
  • Turkey Bowling - Decorate solo cups with googly eyes and construction paper, then take turns bowling them over!
  • Create a Drink - This one can be either alcoholic or non-alcoholic and you can create a signature family drink that you enjoy annually. Be sure to take notes on the recipe!
  • Homemade Lanterns - Most dollar stores have jars of some sort and LED candles. Pick some up and decorate your jars any way you'd like! (These make great gifts, too!)
  • Gratitude Jars - Have everyone write out a few things for which they're grateful and store them in a pretty jar to be revisited next year!
  • Play Charades or Would You Rather - These games are most fun in group situations, making holidays (or quarantine) the perfect time to enjoy them.
  • Movie Night - Make popcorn, buy boxed candy and make it a full-on theater experience, if you like!

While it's certainly been a stressful year, there is no reason we can't enjoy what we can, while we can! Let us know which activities you enjoy most and look for our Thanksgiving blog coming soon!