Halloween is almost here! Trick-or-Treating will commence, though with less participation than usual. Many people will be opting for a communal bowl of candy placed outside, to encourage social distancing. Of course, the Denver Zoo is still hosting "Boo at the Zoo", Botanic Gardens will be hosting both kid friendly and adult only exhibits; check in with your local town page to find out what is offered close to you! While many, young and old, will see a big change this Halloween season, there is still a lot of fun happening in our state! 

If you decide going out isn't in the cards for you this year, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate this holiday. Consider making a miniature haunted house in your own home, setting up a scary film and watching in a fort, even doing indoor trick-or-treating (where any closed door in the house could have a candy dish waiting to be looted)! Board games are always a fun way to connect at home, as well! Try reading scary stories by flashlight (or candlelight, with safety measures being closely adhered to), making a "guess what's in this container" game, filling bowls with cold noodles (worms), peeled grapes (eyeballs), carrot sticks (fingers), anything you can think of to add a creep factor and let your imaginations run wild! Glow sticks are always a fun (and safe!) way to celebrate; try adding them to a bubble bath, or taping them onto your arms and legs for a Halloween-themed dance party!

Comment below with any ideas you may have and enjoy this season along with us! Happy Halloween from all of us at RMIC!