Spring Runoff

Spring snowmelt and runoff has begun! Having the right coverage makes all the difference when it comes to peace of mind.

Even if your home is not in a typical flood plain, experts are warning all Colorado residents about the potential for catastrophic flooding this spring. Higher snow-pack, rainy spring weather, and quickly warming temperatures all have potential to cause problems for areas that are not usually vulnerable to flooding. Remember that flooding caused by Mother Nature is not covered under homeowners’ policies. In order to receive money for repairs, you must carry additional flood insurance, and the process takes 30 days to go in to effect.

With snowmelt comes the powerful force that is water. Rivers rise and move quickly enough to sweep a person off their feet, streambeds can erode causing slippery, dangerous conditions, and homes and businesses can flood. This year neared the record snowpack of 1986, leaving water officials concerned about runoff in the area. Some officials have even predicted a 50% chance of flood conditions in some Colorado regions.

SNOTEL (or snow telemetry) sites are remote sensing stations throughout mountainous watersheds that collect weather and snowpack data. The majority of sites have been collecting data for around 30 or 40 years. According to the data, up to 30% of these sites in the state reached a record or near-record snow depth and snow-water equivalent, which is a measure of how much water is contained in the snowpack.

Not all runoff is bad, however, as they can help refill depleted reservoirs around the state. This is essential for the ecology of our beautiful state. It's been years since we have seen our reservoirs so depleted and they desperately need the snowmelt that is heading their way!

Rockslides and flooded roads can also pose a problem, especially since there is no way to predict exactly when or how much we can expect. With this in mind, it's crucial to stay up-to-date on what is going on in your area. Check your local community page online to sign up for weather alerts!

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